Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On still moving in space(s)

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" If I could only describe this place - I who am so good at describing places! Walls, ceiling, floors, they are my speciality. Doors! Windows! What haven't I imagined in the way of windows in the course of my career! Some opened on the sea - all you could see was sea and sky. If I could put myself in a room, that would be the end of the voodly-gurdy. Even doorless, even windowless - nothing but the four surfaces (the six surfaces). I'd find a way to explore it: I'd listen to the echo. I'd get to know it, I'd get to remember it. I'd be home. I'd say what it's like, in my home, instead of any old thing. "

Still recording moves in space(s), Sam Renseiw, paraphrases Beckett (again) to fathom the depths of the possible nature of space vodoling. Patalab's 2009 activities (almost) conclude with two interior, investigative space-voodles (patafilm # 739, 02'467'', 38MB, Quicktime/mov // patafilm # 740, 02'52'', 37MB, Quicktime/mov - other versions at and a fixed, enlightening planetary Bonus Lumiere Video (Lum # 243 " still moving", 00'48'', 11MB, Quicktime/mov). And: one more, happy-new post, tomorrow. ;-)

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