Sunday, January 25, 2015

On gaze at grips with a visible world

“It is no more natural and no less conventional to shout in anger or to kiss in love than to call a table 'a table'. Feelings and passional conduct are invented like words. Even those which like paternity seem to be part and parcel of the human make-up are in reality institutions. It is impossible to superimpose on man a lower layer of behavior which one chooses to call 'natural' followed by a manufactured cultural or spiritual world. Everything is both manufactured and natural in man as it were in the sense that there is not a word, not a form of behavior which does not owe something to purely biological being and which at the same time does not elude the simplicity of animal life and cause forms of vital behavior to deviate from their pre-ordained direction through a sort of leakage and through a genius for ambiguity which might serve to define man.”

“I discover vision, not as a "thinking about seeing," to use Descartes expression, but as a gaze at grips with a visible world, and that is why for me there can be another's voodling gaze.” ... Sam Renseiw paraphrases again Merleau-Ponty and his Phenomenology of Perception after a short visit to Qvarnström & Lagerwall's "Monument" at the 2015 Spring Exhibition in Charlottenborg Kunsthall. Enjoy the elongated deviated footage leakage by clicking on the icon above;  [patafilm # 867, 03'09'', 90.2MB, Quicktime/mov / Mv4, other formats at]

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Thursday, January 08, 2015

je suis (aussi) charlie

I used to read Cabu's Le grand Duduche, Les Aventures du Beauf, Pilote and lots and lots of Wolinski's. They taught me about the subtleties of radically free humour and pataphysics.     Very, very very sad.   RIP.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On Vine as combinatorials

vine compilation # 8

 "Vining is a combinatorial game that pursues the possibilities implicit in its own material… The short video footage captures places the voodler//viner inside a strange loop of production: The so-called personality of the voodler//viner exists within the very act of voodling//vining: it is the product and instrument of the video capturing process. The voodler//viner's creative act becomes one of re-creation, in the sense of both a playful act and a derivative one…" 

Paraphrasing Calvino's "Cybernetic & Ghosts", Sam Renseiw, in a state of calm OCD, ammassed a great deal of short Vines lately. As this end-of-year's treat, enjoy the comprressed, chronological compilation by cliking on the icon above to re-view the undfolding of body-space morphologies. [vinecompilation # 8, 948MB, 27'22'', Quicktime/mov - other versions at]

A happy new year to all viewers. More next year.  Best Sam R.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

On the space of waiting

 " You have changed lately. You don’t know whom you can trust anymore. Nothing seems to be, as you know it. You are confused. You need help. Therefore you have been called for observation in the psychiatric waiting place, the Laguna, for a five hour psychological screening…. The Laguna, is a temporary residence where psychiatric patients can stay for up to a year. The institution houses approximately 25 non-violent patients primarily of Non Danish European descent…. During your stay you will participate in different tests and activities with your co-patients….Waiting time may occur..."

Embedded (once more) in a new, challenging performative setting, Sam Renseiw managed to capture some snippets of (under-cover) footage under the duress of a five hours, continuous psychological screening session. View the short docu-voodle mash-up by cliking here or on the icon above. [patafilm # 866, 02'17'', 69MB, Quicktime/mov] 

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Friday, December 05, 2014

On fieldwork voodling : distant voices

 " Suddenly the sight before me was recast in a manner satisfying to my vague expectation. Only afterwards did I recognize, as justifications for the change, the resemblance and contiguity of what I call ‘stimuli’— namely the most determinate phenomena, seen at close quarters and with which I compose the ‘true’ world. ‘How could I have failed to see that these pieces of wood were an integral part of the ship? For they were of the same colour as the ship, and fitted well enough into its superstructure.’ But these reasons for correct perception were not given as reasons beforehand. The unity of the object is based on the foreshadowing of an imminent order which is about to spring upon us a reply to questions merely latent in the landscape. It solves a problem set only in the form of a vague feeling of uneasiness, it organizes elements which up to that moment did not belong to the same universe and which, for that reason, as Kant said with profound insight, could not be associated. By placing them on the same footing, that of the unique object, synopsis makes continuity and resemblance between them possible. An impression can never by itself be associated with another impression.” 

Quoting a passage Merleau-Ponty's Perceptive Phenomenology, Sam Renseiw, having concotted another conglo-merate of boxed footage fragments of a recent Fieldworks performance, posts yet another performative docu-voodle.  Enjoy the sublte sublime moves of Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki & co by clicking on the icon above. (patafilm # 865, 08'46'', 249MB, quicktime/mov)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On voodling and the beach man's sandy burden

“Hutte, for instance, used to quote the case of a fellow he called "the beach man." This man had spent forty years of his life on beaches or by the sides of swimming pools, chatting pleasantly with summer visitors and rich idlers. He is to be seen, in his bathing costume, in the corners and backgrounds of thousands of holiday snaps, among groups of happy people, but no one knew his name and why he was there. And no one noticed when one day he vanished from the photographs. I did not dare tell Hutte, but I felt that "the beach man" was myself. Though it would not have surprised him if I had confessed it. Hutte was always saying that, in the end, we were all "beach men" and that "the sand" - I am quoting his own words - "keeps the traces of our footsteps only a few moments.”

Further compiling snipnets of quotidian (obsessive-compulsively, but with a certain research attidude ) Sam Renseiw gathers the latests (short-cut)imagery into the long awaited late-summer / fall vine compilation, feeling like an unspecified "beach man", while paraphrasing Patrick Modiano… Enjoy the extended compression by cliking here or on the image above. (Vinecompilation # 7, 19'29'' 482MG, Quicktime/mov)

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

On Vining Ad Herennium manner

"Now nature herself teaches us what we should do. When we see in every day life things that are petty, ordinary, and banal, we generally fail to remember them, because the mind is not being stirred by anything novel or marvellous. But if we see or hear something exceptionally base, dishonourable, unusual, great, unbelievable, or ridiculous, that we are likely to remember for a long time. Accordingly, things immediate to our eye or ear we commonly forget; incidents of our childhood we often remember best. Nor could this be so for any other reason than that ordinary things easily slip from the memory while the striking and the novel stay longer in the mind. A sunrise, the sun's course, a sunset are marvellous to no one because they occur daily.

We ought, then, to set up Vines of a kind that can adhere longest in memory. And we shall do so i f we establish similitudes as striking as possible; if we set up images that are not many or vague but active (imagines agentes); if we assign to them exceptional beauty or singular ugliness; if we ornament some of them, as with crowns or purple cloaks, so that the similitude may be more distinct to us; or if we somehow disfigure them, as by introducing one stained with blood or soiled with mud or smeared with red paint, so that its form is more striking, or by assigning certain comic effects to our images, for that, too, will ensure our remembering them more readily. The things we easily remember when they are real we likewise remember without difficulty when they are figments. But this will be essential-again and again to run over rapidly in the mind all the original places in order to refresh the images."

Paraphrasing a passage from Ad Herennium, Sam Renseiw compiled an ever growing amount of recent Vines into a nearly half-hour Voodle chronological pêle-mêle of exeptional beauty (also inserted, shorter moments of singular ugliness) for subsequent scrutiny and visual aide-memoire. Enjoy. (Vinecompilation # 6, 24'10'', 601MB, Quicktime/mov, Vimeo)

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Monday, May 12, 2014

On Vining as space-time continuum

vinecompilation # 5 from sam renseiw on Vimeo.

"Synaesthetic Vining is a space-time continuum. It is neither subjective, objective, nor nonobjective, but rather all of these combined: that is to say, extra-objective. Synaesthetic and psychedelic mean approximately the same thing. Synaesthesis is the harmony of different or opposing impulses produced by a work of art. It means the simultaneous perception of harmonic opposites. Its sensorial effect is known as synaesthesia, and it's as old as the ancient Greeks who coined the term … Any dualism is composed of harmonic opposites: in/out, up/ down, off/on, yes/no, black/white, good/bad. Past aesthetic traditions, reflecting the consciousness of their period, have tended to concentrate on one element at a time. But the Paleocybernetic experience doesn't support that kind of logic. The emphasis of traditional logic might be expressed in terms of an either/or choice, which in physics is known as bistable logic. But the logic of the Cybernetic Age into which we're moving will be both/and, which in physics iscalled triadic logic. Physicists have found they can no longer describe phenomena with the binary yes/no formula but must operate with yes/no/maybe."

Quoting/paraphrasing from Youngblood's seminal "Expanded Cinema", Sam renseiw extrapolates further via a newly compiled condensation of onehundredandsixty Vines from spring 2014 (February - May), giving patalab viewers new insights into the mundanities of recorded quotidian via Vine. (vinecompliation # 5, , 14'44'', 365 MB, Quicktime/mov > at Vimeo)

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On interstitial space(s) in wunderkammer

"…I can easily believe, that there are more invisible than visible Beings in the universe. But who shall describe for us their families? and their ranks and relationships and distinguishing features and functions? What they do? where they live? The human mind has always circled around a knowledge of these things, never attaining it. I do not doubt, however, that it is sometimes beneficial to contemplate, in thought, as in a Picture, the image of a greater and better world; lest the intellect, habituated to the trivia of daily life, may contract itself too much, and wholly sink into trifles. But at the same time we must be vigilant for truth, and maintain proportion, that we may distinguish certain from uncertain, day from night…"

"If a man could pass through Paradise in a dream, and have a Voodle presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there, and if he found that Voodle in his browser when he awake - Aye, what then? " paraphrases Renseiw presenting one of his latetest concotions (belated wunderkammer footage, apparently)

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On wabi-sabi distortions and kimonos

" Contrary to the Romantic belief that we each settle naturally on a fitting idea of beauty, it seems that our visual and emotional faculties in fact need constant external guidance to help them decide what they should take note of and appreciate. 'Voodle' is the word we have assigned to the force that assists us in identifying which of our many sensations we should focus on and apportion value to.”

"My experience is what I agree to attend to. Only those items which I notice shape my mind…." Indeed, quotes Sam Renseiw, while having paraphrased de Botton further up on this post, regarding the matter of re-viewing chopped-up kimono footage from last summer, refashioned wabi-sabi like into a parachuted, late docu-voodle. Enjoy. [ patafilm # 862,03.41'', 61MB, Quicktime/mov, other versions on Bliptv ]

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Of macro distortion and didactic interior

"…In my Voodling I am acting as a map maker, an explorer of psychic areas, a cosmonaut of inner space, and I see no point in exploring areas that have already been thoroughly surveyed…Thus, your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.."

Paraphrasing Burroughs (a few days after the centenary), Sam Renseiw concocted snippets of left-over interior footage from last summer into some cosmonauting spread of inner spaces… Enjoy meditating on the question(s). [Patafilm # 863, 02'59'', 58 MB, Quicktime/mov - other versions at Bliptv]

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Of basic distortions and the sublime

"..It is one thing to make an idea clear, and another to make it affecting to the imagination. If I make a drawing of a palace, or a temple, or a landscape, I present a very clear idea of those objects; but then (allowing for the effect of imitation which is something) my picture can at most affect only as the palace, temple, or landscape, would have affected in the reality. On the other hand, the most lively and spirited verbal description I can give raises a very obscure and imperfect idea of such objects; but then it is in my power to raise a stronger emotion by the description than I could do by the best photographic image. This experience constantly evinces. The proper manner of conveying the affections of the mind from one to another is by Voodles; there is a great insufficiency in all other methods of communication; and so far is a clearness of imagery from being absolutely necessary to an influence upon the passions, that they may be considerably operated upon, without presenting any image at all, by certain sounds adapted to that purpose; of which we have a sufficient proof in the acknowledged and powerful effects of instrumental music.[…] In reality, a great clearness helps but little towards affecting the passions, as it is in some sort an enemy to all enthusiasms whatsoever."

Paraphrasing the young Burke, Sam Renseiw ponders on the nature of clarity and the sublime while on a recent visual assigment to a sublime site. View the compressed wabi-sabi voodle footage from an interior space by cliking on the icon above. [patafilm # 861, 03'12'', 46MB, Qicktime/mov - other versions at

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Against forgetfulness: yet another compilation

 "Brown, thick curtains: it's best when they're drawn in towards the middle, the middle of the window, a small opening in the middle, a narrow strip of light, a September-strip or an April gash, as when you plunge a knife into trouser material and rip."..."Everyday tasks: wearing yourself out trying to find something new, a new word, a new sentence, a new book."..."Why travel? Why not just stay at home, in your room, in your house, in the place you like better than any other, your own place. The familiar house, the requisite rooms in which we have gathered the things we need, a good bed, a desk, a whole pile of books."

Paraphrasing Tomas Espedal, thoughts reawaken and lose their dullness, it's a thoroughly physical experience, my thoughts brighten, and I start compiling vines again, lighter this time, up towards the fjord, the cities centre(s) and al the many bouts of flying in (or out). Slowly it dawns on me, I am happy because I am Vining; Before that I used to Voodle around, and some few would watch. These days even less do. Yet it does fullfil my sense of diary, my duty of visual naration(s), my obsessive compulsion, also this year.
With all the best wishes for a happy new year to all patalab viewers, yours  sincerely, SamR.

(vinecompilation # 4 (winter), 15'32'', 273 MB, Quicktime/mov; mpg4 version at Bliptv)

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On momentary pop_up(s)

"After their first brief, yet inspiring encounter in 2011 at the Australian festival Dance Massive, the artists Luke George (AU), Miguel Gutierrez (US), Heine Avdal (NO) and Yukiko Shinozaki (JP) meet again at the Meteor 2013 festival in Bergen (NO). The artists will follow the festival day by day, and prepare the public some short and unannounced performative appetizers or digestives. Watch your back!" 
Just passing by, anyway, Sam Renseiw manages, nevertheless, to capture some re-located, (quite) interactive  visual spoken word field_works by Heine and Yukiko, just to exist again, in best angelus modus. [patafilm # 860, 02'58'', 55MB, Quicktime/mov- Bliptv version here)

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Are we not drawn onward to new era ?

 1/ "A man, a plan, a canoe, pasta, hero's, rajahs, a coloratura, maps, snipe, percale, macaroni, a gag, a banana bag, a tan, a tag, a banana bag again (or a camel), a crepe, pins, spam, a rut, a Rolo, cash, a jar, sore hats, a peon, a canal - Panama! "

2/ "His flack: late no-no's, tits, a cow. Two-cow, to tenor of God! A sin is a sign, ignoble udder-cases! La femme fatale gnawed at a phone-post, also lost call, eh? She'll act solo, slats open. Oh, pat a dew-angel at a femme false. Sacred duel, bonging is a sin; is a dog? For one to two-cow two, cast it so none talk calfs!"

Dabbling in palindromic unrest these days, Sam Renseiw concotted a short palindromic voodle (from a somewhat recent, yet allready bygone spring's phonefootage batch). View the pull by clicking on the image above, or view .m4v version via here. [patafilm # 859, "forward anomyn", 03'10'', 46MB, Quicktime/mov)

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On new Vine, some time(s) and other places

"…All I know is that the hours are long, under these conditions, and constrain us to beguile them with proceedings which –how shall I say–which may at first sight seem reasonable, until they become a habit. You may say it is to prevent our reason from foundering. No doubt. But has it not long been straying in the night without end of the abyssal depths? That's what I sometimes wonder. You follow my reasoning…We wait. We are bored. No, don't protest, we are bored to death, there's no denying it. Good. A diversion comes along and what do we do? We let it go to waste. Come, let's get to work! In an instant all will vanish and we'll be alone once more, in the midst of nothingness!"

Sam Renseiws broods, just after uploading the latest Vine compilation, quoting B (again). Enjoy working yourself trough the one hundred and sixty vines ( not all arranged, but mostly, chronologically) by clicking on the vimeo upload above.Soundtrack underlay from kres5jik / persimon [vinecompilation #3,  14'42'', 260MB, Quicktime/mov] or try the original upload here- sometimes with adds(!)

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Monday, July 29, 2013

I rise, O fair assemblage (2)

"…I rise, O fair assemblage! Andcommincio. Now then, after this introit of exordium, my galaxy girls, quiproquo of directions to henservants I was asking his advice on the strict T.T. from Father Mike, P.P., my orational dominican and confessor doctor,C.C.D.D. (buy the birds, he was saying as he yerked me under    the ribs sermon in an offrand way and confidence petween peas like ourselves in soandso many nuncupiscent words about how he had been confarreating teat-a-teat with two viragos intactas about what an awful life he led, poorish priced, uttering mass for a coppall of geldings and what a lawful day it was, there and then, for a consommation with an effusion and how, by all the manny larries ate pignatties, how, hell in tunnels, he'd marry me any old buckling time as flying quick as he'd look at me) and I am    giving youth now again in words of style byaway of offertory hisand mikeadvice, an it place the person, as ere he retook him to his cure, those verbs he said to me. From above. The most eminent bishop titular of Dubloonik to all his purtybusses in Dellabelliney. Comeallyedimseldamsels, siddle down and lissle all! Follow me close! Keep me in view! Understeady me saries!Which is to all practising massoeurses from a preaching freer andbe a gentleman without a duster before a parlourmade without a spitch…"

Having Vined along most of the daily quotidians during summer, Renseiw compiled the next onehndredsixty (give and take a few) partaphrasing Joyce's Finnegan's Wake overhead. Also awailable on in Firefox or by clicking here (vinecomplilation # 2/ 2013, 15'23'', 276MB, Quicktime/mov)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the new nature of instant voodling [Vining]

"…This evening, I say this evening, perhaps it's morning. And all these things, what things, all about me, I won't deny them any more, there's no sense in that any more. If it's nature perhaps it's trees and birds, they go together, water and air, so that all may go on, I don t need to know the details, perhaps I'm sitting under a palm. Or it's a room, with furniture, all that's required to make life comfortable, dark, because of the wall outside the window. What am I doing, talking, having my figments talk, it can only be me. Spells of silence too, when I listen, and hear the local sounds, the world sounds, see what an effort I make, to be reasonable. There's my life, why not, it is one, if you like, if you must, I don't say no, this evening. There has to be one, it seems, once there is speech, no need of a story, a story is not compulsory, just a life, that's the mistake I made, one of the mistakes, to have wanted a story for myself, whereas life alone is enough. I'm making progress, it was time…"

Quoting Beckett's text for nothing [once more] Sam Renseiw post a fine compilation of exquisite nothingness, a compression of visual amuse bouches, recorded from the end of May to last week. Enjoy the un-edited chronological flow of short events by clicking here or on the image above [patafilm # 857/vine compilation #1/2013, 314MB, Quicktime/mov]
[Great joy: seems to be working fine again. Click on image above to start viewing. ] Update: bliptv is moving otherwise, again..-((

Keep the conversation going (below) or join Sam on Vine. ( Now available for iPhone and Android)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On a house and a melody

"I don t need to know the details, perhaps I'm sitting under a palm. Or it's a room, with furniture, all that's required to make life comfortable, dark, because of the wall outside the window. What am I doing, talking, having my figments talk, it can only be me. Spells of silence too, when I listen, and hear the local sounds, the world sounds, see what an effort I make, to be reasonable. There's my life, why not, it is one, if you like, if you must, I don't say no, this evening. There has to be one, it seems, once there is speech, no need of a story, a story is not compulsory, just a life, that's the mistake I made, one of the mistakes, to have wanted a story for myself, whereas life alone is enough. I'm making progress, it was time, I'll learn to keep my foul mouth shut before I'm done, if nothing foreseen crops up."

Monday, April 22, 2013

on semi enclosed moves / two boring lumieres

“The first question I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do I feel it's not beautiful? And very shortly you discover there is no reason.”.....“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.” 

Paraphrasing Cage, Renseiw posts two short and utterly boring lumieres, after vineing for some time now, missing the patalab flow.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On observing: down to earth, again

"If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all."

 Just a momentary lapse of observation(s), while nevertheless continuing almost quotidian captures: enjoy a genuine moment of humble down-to-earth gazing to some cold exterior while sitting in a cool yet warm interior. The action start straight of, yet you might anticipate smaller happenings at 55'' and 1'10''. [patafilm # 855, 01'27'', 29MB, Quicktime/mov]

Monday, December 31, 2012

Notes on Voodling [happy new]

"An image must be transformed by contact with other images, as is a color by contact with other colors. A blue is not the same blue beside a green, a yellow, a red. No art without transformation.

The truth of Vooodling cannot be the truth of theater, nor the truth of the novel, nor the truth of painting. (What the Voodler captures with his or her own resources cannot be what the theater, the novel, painting capture with theirs.) Voddles, where the images, like the words in a dictionary, have no power and value except through their position and relation.

If an image, looked at by itself, expresses something sharply, if it involves an interpretation, it will not be transformed on contact with other images. The other images will have no power over it, and it will have no power over the other images. Neither action, nor reaction. It is definitive and unusable in the Voodler's system. (A system does not regulate everything. It is a bait for something.)"

Closing this year with a short moving dipthyh featuring two distinct images and paraphrasing Bresson's notes, Sam Renseiw concludes this years pataphysical body-space morphological investigations. Thank you to all friends and viewers: Best wishes for a creative and peaceful new year. Sam R.

(patafilm # 854, 01'33'', 24 MB, quicktime/mov)

Friday, December 14, 2012

On reporting to an academy

"Esteemed Gentlemen of the Academy!
You show me the honour of calling upon me to submit a report to the Academy concerning my previous life as a Voodler.
In this sense, unfortunately, I cannot comply with your request. Almost eight years separate me from my existence as a Voodler, a short time perhaps when measured by the calendar, but endlessly long to gallop through, as I have done, at times accompanied by splendid men, advice, applause, and orchestral music, but basically alone, since all those accompanying me held themselves back a long way from the barrier, in order to preserve the image. This achievement would have been impossible if I had stubbornly wished to hold onto my origin, onto the memories of my youth.
Giving up that obstinacy was, in fact, the highest command that I gave myself. I, a free Voodler, submitted myself to this yoke. In so doing, however, my memories for their part constantly closed themselves off against me. If people had wanted it, my journey back at first would have been possible through the entire gateway which heaven builds over the earth, but as my development was whipped onwards, the gate simultaneously grew lower and narrower all the time. I felt myself more comfortable and more enclosed in the world of moving images."

Paraphrasing Kafka, Sam Renseiw continues his videographer roundabouts while at the same time closing a chapter in an academy, opening new vitas more north. View the short montage by clicking on the image above. (other link following soon)

(patafilm # 853,35,4MB, 02'32'', quicktimemov.)

More Lumiere and steady flow of voodles on the line. Best SamR 

Thursday, November 08, 2012

more momentatry test upload(s)

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

on borrowed landscapes & other interiors (test2)