Monday, June 12, 2006

God is only the question

"God is only the question, the answer is YES", said Viktor IV. Viktor was not part of any particular art movement or group, though he kept contacts with artists such as Anton Heyboer and Robert Jasper Grootveld. Viktor IV was a well-known local figure in Amsterdam, living and working aboard an old riverboat. On his boat, Viktor began painting on boards, driftwood and ships' hatches, which he found in and around the Amstel River. Besides painting "Ikons", Viktor made "Logbooks". These "logbooks" contained a stream of stories, notes, drawings and collages with specific titles such as "The Logbook of the Ship Henry David Thoreau" and "Thank You Silent Sun".

At Vaterpas Fine Arts in Copenhagen, artist Teddy Parterre is currently exhibiting his "Wrong Artist" contemplation, a loving homage to Viktor IV; Sam Renseiw manufactured a cut-up video-triptic of some of the outstanding works on show. View them by clicking here, or check the timeline above. (patafilm # 194, 01'34'', 7.1 MB, quicktime/mov - Flash version here)


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