Friday, April 20, 2007

On The Persistence of Memory and Context

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"Memory has three different aspects: memory when it remembers things, imagination when it alters or imitates them, and invention when it gives them a new turn or puts them into proper arrangement and relationship. For these reasons the poets called memory the mother of the Muses."

"Not to know one's way in a city doesn't signify much. But to lose oneself in a city as one loses oneself in a forest calls for schooling" muses Sam Renseiw paraphrasing Benjamin, thus vaguely remembering a questionnaire session after walking the invisible reality show last November. Re-view the world as thing and image q/a video by clicking here or on the links above - and fill in the audio-blanks yourself- visual poetry and the continuity of silent pata-language... although: we must look straight at objects and not squint, for in that case the eyes do not see that at which they look, but rather distorts and confuses it...yet: the squint is crucial in providing the aslant view that makes the object new. (patafilm # 396,03'41'', 17.1MB, quicktime/mov - flash version at

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