Sunday, November 12, 2006

Talking about : Reinhardt's black no.5

" I finally made a program out of boredom. After all these years I think now that for a long time I've paraphrased Schopenhauer, saying, 'Interest is of no interest in art.' I've taken on all the bad terms of the thirties. Everything that the artist were called that was bad I've picked up and I've mad them not bad words. Like meaningless, useless, imageless - those kinds of words. Words like inhuman, sterile, cold - they became cool. Everybody affected to be cold, inhuman sort of. And the others - academic, dogmatic, absolute - I picked them up and said, 'Well, why not academic?"

A short scene from the 3rd. floor, Room 3; A Sam Renseiw contemplation on the educational, academic traffic surrounding Ad Reinhardt's fabulous work: Abstract painting no.5. Just a minimal video, ths time. Experience aparent boredoom by clicking here or join the adepts above. (patafilm # 296b, 00'34'', 2.6 MB, Quicktime/mov - Flash version available at


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