Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On the joys of trainspotting

"So why did I do it? I could offer a million answers, all false. The truth is that I'm a video addict, but that's going to change, I'm going to change. This is the last of this sort of thing. I'm cleaning up and I'm moving on, going straight and choosing life. I'm looking forward to it already. I'm going to be just like you; the job, the family, the fucking big television, the washing machine, the car, the compact disc and electrical tin opener, good health, low cholesterol, dental insurance, mortgage, starter home, leisure wear, luggage, three piece suite, DIY, game shows, junk food, children, walks in the park, nine-to-five, good at golf, vlogging, washing the car, choice of sweaters, family Christmas, indexed pension, tax exemption, clearing the gutters, getting by, looking ahead, the day you die."

Sam Renseiw trainspotting in Northern Sealand: an exceptional departure view of DSB's ├śresund ET/FT # 4570 leaving a station, with some surprising after effects. Post a commentary if you have guessed the name of the station. View the video, by clicking here, or by knocking on the train window above ( patafilm # 195, 01'07'', 5 MB, quicktime/mov - Flash version at


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