Thursday, June 15, 2006

The enticing colour cognition bridge

"The first major step toward understanding the role of vision and language is to build a testbed in which vision and language work together to understand a projection of the physical world that is simple, yet features paths, agents, causes, both language and visual inputs and outputs, complex state changes, and support for abstract reasoning in abstract worlds. Accordingly, we have been developing the Bridge System, which uses typed English input to drive an imagination system. Given a sentence such as "The fast hawk flew from the top of a tall tree via a pink rock to the top of a yellow pole and then dove on a brown rabbit," the Bridge System conceives and displays an imaged sequence of motions in blob world..."

Still puzzled by the complexities of colour cognition, Sam Renseiw captured a banal act of synaesthesia, at an urban playground space nearby. View the scene by clicking here, our try catching the bird above (patafilm #193, 00'48'', 3,6 MB, quicktime/mov -Flash version at


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