Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On place & memory in a moving image

click for video: Quicktime / .m4v for iPod / direct streaming for PC

" I travelled for four more hours to Belo Horizonte this Sunday morning. The heat & humidity were tropical, while it was freezing cold on my balcony. I stayed indoors, having a long and warm conversation with E. She also showed me her dog, barking in the garden, from the balcony. The fleeting image of the dog kept on lingering in my mind & blended with memory snippets of E. entering the the air-conditioned room & closing the door. "

In the attempt to gather some contours of space and movement, Sam Renseiw, stretched a snippet of skyped Brazilian time and re-framed it. To view the resulting elongated morphology of body and space click here or on the links above. (patafilm # 668, 04'37'', 30,2MB, Quicktime/mov - Other versions on Blip.tv)

Today's Bonus Lumiere Video features another passage, yet, it is not an Embraer (Lum # 182, "passage " 00'31'', Quicktime/mov)

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Blogger LOMEG_ROM said...

gloomy, haunting ... and again mesmerizing beautiful! the subconscious brought into presence - the mastery of cineart - cinema verite... a doom-voodle ;-)

see some other creepy incidents of the subconscious emerging into presence on another site and in another post...


Saturday, March 14, 2009 5:10:00 pm  
Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

thank you... indeed, i know it does appear that way. i did compose it myself.
but then again, the footage sort of has its own ways, when editing.

both the (camera) view and the presence of spaces in this voodle ( as in the previous one, even more) are seemingly simple. yet, it is more complicated:
the footage is filmed from my laptop screen, the image comes from belo horizonte in brazil, filmed via another laptop, held by beautiful woman.

way, way back we spend 3 years in high school together. She contacted me via mail some 10 days ago, and we had some fine conversations via skype, on video last week...so the voodle both transcends time and space, but also leaves glimpses of her dog, filmed from the veranda. the dog is wearing a protective collar because of some recent ear surgery. ..
all the footage is under one minute, that i then expanded, and subjected so some "gloom". the outset is simple, poetic and quite prosaic, at the same time.

i realise now that morphology of body and space is much more intricate and rich a topic to explore... there always is ad will be so much more to what he eye sees. the visible is only the surface...

Saturday, March 14, 2009 11:28:00 pm  
Blogger LOMEG_ROM said...

“… the voodle must seek its renewal in the discussion / further comprehension of time/space or time/space/place relationships.

… given that the traditional limitations of body and space morphologies are challenged; how to perceive and understand the voodle when it occurs in that expanded environment? ... how to free a new kind of voodle emerging from its existence in that expanded environment?

... the traditional limitations of body and space morphologies are very much expanded in the 'belo horizonte-voodles'.”

viewing your latest voodle-work and paraphrasing another mutual project, I too realize (again) that the body and space morphology-topic indeed is... extensive and very expansive! and it is a great joy for me to 'see' how free your work again (...and over and over again) has become. and although i cannot accept the existence of a 'blind-voodle' (it's 'just' another type of 'belo horizonte' or 'skype'-voodle and we all worked on the subject before (http://lomeg-rom.blogspot.com/2008/08/lomegvisual-037-camera-i.html)) I do like its pedagogical implications; how a creative process presents itself per se ('the nature of creativity'), and the further sophistication of a creative, critical reading mind.

the voodle (all voodles) again proofs that it has to be seen twice, every time, even when it's a blind voodle... yet, the voodle's limitations are again expanded in your work, sam!!!

ps: I'm very found of the outmost smooth and subtle door-sequence... if 'skyping'* (*body and space morphologies) needs a face, you just gave it one...! and I also realize that the muse is an outmost helpful hand...

all the best sam, and I hope we see in summer!!


Sunday, March 15, 2009 12:56:00 pm  

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