Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On the persistence of place

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"Music, states of happiness, mythology, houses, faces belabored by time, certain twilights and certain places try to tell us something, or have said something we should not have missed, or are about to say something; this imminence of a revelation which does not occur is, perhaps, the aesthetic phenomenon."

No house is any house and one single house can be all houses, muses Sam Renseiw while capturing footage of the acquisition of a necessary key to open the doorway to yet another house. View the quiet, Saturday morning aesthetic phenomenon trailer, leading to the next voodle by clicking here or on the links above. (patafilm # 606, 01'34'', 8.3MB, Quicktime/mov - other versions at Blip.tv)

Today's Bonus Lumiere Video features various locomotion crossings. (Lum # 122, " cyclist, horses, pedestrian", 01'00'', 4.7MB, Quicktime/mov)

Today's Patalab Metaphor Video re-play supplement features running footage in a room. (patafilm # 124, 01'52''[25.03.2006 post], 4.6 MB, mov/quicktime)

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Blogger ps said...

I was waiting for the train on the Lumiere, then realised you meant locomotion in the general sense.....the action looks so staged (though I know it is not) it reminded me little of those establishing shots in cinema where they try to invoke a "natural" sense of people going about their business. One could almost imagine a voice over directing the action as in the girl chewing gum... http://www.luxonline.org.uk/artists/john_smith/the_girl_chewing_gum.html

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 7:07:00 am  
Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

well, not staged, but anticipated. i could see that there would be some sort of crossing in a moment.

how it then would actually unfold in the frame, was the interesting thing: would i be able to capture something coherent in under one minute, according to the lumiere rules. (and get my camera on and working at the right moment)

it is thus interesting to note, that trying to frame a lumiere, requires a far broader and alert view. i now realise that i have become much more aware of the "time" factor while looking at things. watching what unfolds while at the same time figuring out how a minute or so could contain the essence of the seen . that is if one is lucky to capture it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 7:18:00 am  
Anonymous Rupert said...

Incredible lumiere, and eloquent description of the process - I was going to say something very similar, but you've said it better - the broader view, the time factor, watching how it unfolds. I am repeatedly astonished by how often something coherent and serendipitous happens within the frame.

I've just moved into a new home - having just posted a video diary about it, I was looking at it and thinking of it as a face, a story, thinking about the facelike nature of houses in life and stories... while emailing a friend about Amityville 2: The Possession. I love your collection of all those things which we strive to hear... "the imminence of a revelation which does not occur"
Your house here is particularly facelike. I hope it's not possessed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 4:31:00 am  
Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

well, it is not my house, but a friend of mine's childhood home.

it was the house and her childhood neighbourhood, that i thus saw for the first time. Her father will now be moving out, to a new location, replacing a summer cabin that briefly was seen at the end of this voodle.

she had asked me to accompany her to get the key to the summer cabin, and we went there to record what would be gone in some months.
the next voodle will be about that:
an attempt to capture memories of a place, that i neither knew nor have any memories of myself.

i thought that this would be quite a challenge: trying to frame something just on the basis of the seen. we where there for a short time in the morning. let's see ....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 8:03:00 am  
Anonymous michael said...

Nairtsedep, Sesroh, Tsilcyc



Wednesday, June 18, 2008 9:47:00 am  
Anonymous michael said...

...and skateboarder


Wednesday, June 18, 2008 12:15:00 pm  
Blogger LOMEG_ROM said...

A very romantic voodle-piece - beautiful and full of tenderness - about the forgotten and the past. What is not noticed inadvertently is here captured in a truly cinematic manner and made vital and vibrant again. The decision made to adapt Gurdonarks likewise pleasing soundscape is the choice of a true cinéast.

...and what an airy and delightful lumiere on various locomotives crossing! It is symptomatic where those different means of transportations do cross... as it is peculiar that the architectural space rarely, if at all, has tried to provide a space for The event.
Neither has architectural space really been inspired by what we see here - although we've been harassed for decades on ideas and fleas of communication...
An important contribution to all the space and body morphologists!


Thursday, June 19, 2008 11:11:00 am  
Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

re: Nairtsedep, Sesroh, Tsilcyc
this remake is, indeed, very interesting and thought-provoking:
at first i thought that the lumieres rules were broken. then i came to realise that it could be a genuine lumiere. as the technology of capturing images has evolved, the "camera" might be many things, even image-captruring software.
the "reality" recorded would then be the video, on the computer screen, having the video played backwards. it thus becomes a lumiere, of the second or third generation. what at first might seem to be a breack of rules, becomes a piece of evidence that "reality", "images" and the framing of reality in new ways is yet an open territory to explore.
any strict rules provide the potential of opening the confines of the boxed. in that sense, joseph cornell is a fine reference, in many ways: "gnir rednow" , the backwards spelling of the lumiere, the boxed framing, and the possibility of new mirrowings.

and, the skater in the next remake certainly pinpoints that.

Thursday, June 19, 2008 8:11:00 pm  
Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

ps: re. "the girl chewing gum"
indeed, a masterpiece. thanks for the link!
another lumiere that i hold in high esteem is brittany shoot's great train/crossing piece "train transport" >

Thursday, June 19, 2008 8:35:00 pm  
Anonymous Robert Croma said...

A few years ago I drove out of London and returned to the building where I was born and lived until seven years old (I'd been warned it was due for demolition). It was covered in graffiti and boarded up. Most of the windows were broken including the room on the third floor where I was born. I tried to break in to get a glimpse of the interior and the birth room but it was impossible to get through the metal grills.

When I returned four months later the building was gone. Grass had been laid and nothing of the former residence was left. As if nothing had ever existed there.

I wasn't videoblogging then but I wish I had been.

Friday, June 20, 2008 1:57:00 am  
Anonymous michael said...

Hi Sam
two more variations on your Lumiere.
I shot these as Lumieres ( all of them are strict in that nothing happened post the fixed camera shooting -even the reversed one, which was done by videoing from screen the reverse cycle of a Palindrome loop) but then I added some music...


As with the dance piece of yours I remixed a couple of months back, it's the simultaneous richness & openness of your work that makes it such a delight to work with :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008 11:35:00 am  

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