Monday, November 20, 2006

Cultural Learnings for Make Benefit Dance

"Emphasis is often placed on the tendency of the grotesque to challenge established authority, to undermine the hierarchy of values accepted in a given epoch and to reject its aesthetic code. As a result of the above, the grotesque work defies unequivocal interpretation. Realising that his/her efforts to comprehend the universe portrayed in such a work are futile, the viewer is left with the feeling of enlighten emotional discomfort."

In the following short visual Opus entitled: "Renseiw:Cultural Learnings of Nord for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of New Modern Dance" good old Sam captured some exuberant ritual dance moves mourning the exit of a beloved Nordic institution, featuring the use of table forks. View the rambling by clicking here or mouse-in the dance floor above. (patafilm #300, 02'28'',11 MB, Quicktim/mov - Flash version for PC at