Thursday, June 29, 2006

In a simulated sense of loss

We were dancing's first released EP I can't recall how love feels, memory fails to remind me is an emotional and experimental three piece EP based on lo-fi field recordings.

Sam Renseiw included WWD's as prime soundtrack for Celebrity's Constellation momentary mooring at Langelinie. View her newly re-painted elongated maritime urbanity by clicking here or enter above (patafilm #208, 01'32'', 6.7 MB, Quicktime/mov - Flash version here) If the cruise was to boring, try some fine maritime pastoral loveliness with an architectural, formalistic twist made by Giles Perkins at DVblog, by clicking here.


Blogger Hekla said...

Hi Sam, thanks for sharing your thoughts about my work at TRASHblog. I find the pictures you serve here excellent - looking forward to have a closer read another day - will send your link to some of my filmfriends.

Friday, June 30, 2006 2:30:00 pm  

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