Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Untitled testimonials II

"Waiting in line, Mr Palomar contemplates the jars. He tries to find a place in his memories for cassoulet, a rich stew of meats and beans, in which goose-fat is an essential ingredient; but neither his palate's memory nor his cultural memory is of any help to him. And yet the name, the sight, the idea attract him, awaken an immediate fantasy not so much of appetite as of eros: from a mountain of goose-fat a female figure surfaces, smears white over her rosy skin, and he already imagines himself making his way towards her through those thick avalanches, embracing her, sinking with her."

View the second part of Zoe Tati's intriging "Untitled Testimonials" about the infamous stillness performance here or click on the image above. ( 03'46'', mp4. 10,1MB quicktime or choose the 13,7 MB mov.version ) / link update 01.10.15

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