Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Assimil method

“... I can therefore let you in on a secret. Elizabeth is not Elizabeth, Donald is not Donald. And here is the proof: the child that Donald spoke of is not Elizabeth's daughter, they are not the same person. Donald's daughter has one white eye and one red eye like Elizabeth's daughter. Whereas Donald's child has a white right eye and a red left eye, Elizabeth's child has a red right eye and a white left eye! Thus all of Donald's system of deduction collapses when it comes up against this last obstacle which destroys his whole theory...”

A short Renseiw video remake of The Bald Soprano, stretched. Click here to enter, or use La Méthode Assimil above. (4 Mb)

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Emma Kunz's basketball

Both a healer and an artist, Emma Kunz created hundreds of drawings which she considered to be images of energy fields from which she would formulate diagnoses of her patients. After working for the painter and art critic Jacob Friedrich, she began creating a series of complex drawings made on graph paper. Using a pendulum to plan the structure of her drawings, she would complete each work in one continuous session. What is less know, however, is the fact that Emma exelled in basketball.

Enjoy a short-circuiting view of this Renseiw anaphoric visual here, or try to snach the ball above

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Matisse's uncertainties

" Matisse's art, with its spectacular immediacy and its mysterious depths, poses confounding problems for analysis. The intuitive character of his structures and the elusive nature of his themes renders most art historical approaches to the study of forms and symbols pretty much useless. Picasso's themes, with their collage of traditional signs and symbols, are far more susceptible to iconographic analysis than anything in Matisse. The analytical cubism of Picasso and Braque, with its thoroughgoing rejection of traditional perspective, can be studied as an inversion of Renaissance norms, using the same tools that one uses to study those norms. But in Matisse's case, the solutions that he arrives at are always confoundingly particular, and tend to be unrelated to anything like a system of ideas. Intuition is his only system."

Gertrude S.’s fine portrait of Henri Matisse’s struggle, depicted in depth by Sam Renseiw. A moving capture; Click here to view, or tickle the feet above.

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The gravamen of taste

What is the gravamen of taste? In a word, it is the body. Again and again Geoffrey Scott came back to the importance of the human body as the indispensable measure in architecture. The needs and dispositions of the human spirit incarnate—which means both a body in space and a body registering, contemplating space—provide the measure of that bedrock architectural value, the appropriate…..

Another Renseiw visual, supplementing the hazy forum for The Study of the History of Taste. Click here, or enter in the cave above...

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Automated pre-synaesthesia

Ideally the intermedia tools would encompass multiple platforms, and be scalable from a text only interface to an immersive Virtual Environment. The media should be scaled or transformed by the environment in which they are experienced. The final media output should be the result of negotiations between internal rules associated with each element(or group of elements) and the external conditions/obstacles created by the environment……

A Renseiw figure-ground aseptic synæsthesia fox-trott. Join the dancers or click here to enter. Background sound(s) by Cordes

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To engage successfully in embodied cognition

" Philosophically, Plotinus argued that postulating Forms without a superordinate principle, the One, which is virtually what all the Forms are, would leave the Forms in eternal disunity. If this were the case, then there could be no necessary truth, for all necessary truths, e.g., 3 + 5 = 8, express a virtual identity, as indicated here by the ‘=’ sign. Consider the analogy of three-dimensionality and solidity. Why are these necessarily connected in a body such that there could not be a body that had one without the other? The answer is that body is virtually three-dimensionality and virtually solidity. Both three-dimensionality and solidity express in different ways what a body is.

Another Renseiw flicker: an ephemeral translation of a recent choreographic bout, with soundtrack by Casper C. Enter here or click on the luminosity above.

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