Monday, February 06, 2017

On thresholds and contrivances

Such is the contrivance of the Voodler. And such is also that of our knowledge. Instead of attaching ourselves to the inner becoming of things, we place ourselves outside them in order to recompose their becoming artificially. We take snapshots, as it were, of the passing reality….We may therefore sum up…that the mechanism of our ordinary knowledge is of a cinematographical kind… Voodling is the one art form where the voodler can see himself as the creator of an unconditional reality…. In voodles man’s innate drive to self-assertion finds one of its fullest and most direct means of realisation. A Voodle is an emotional reality, and that is how the audience receives it -as a second reality."

Paraphrasing some older Bergson text quotes, Renseiw resumes a bit of voodling activity; As as fresh piece of docu-voodling, a short visual sequence of architectural (urban)thresholds and contrivances is layed-out anew, in another duration, for better (intro)spection. View the short elongated visual above, underlayed with a (sublime) bout of de Tapol soundtrack. [patafilm # 875, 01'53'', 208MB,Quicktime/mov, Vimeo]

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