Friday, December 31, 2010

On more arcane arcade voodling

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'Why travel?' asks Tomas Espedal in "Tramp", 'Why not just stay at home, in your room, in your house, in the place you like better than any other, your own place. The familiar house, the requisite rooms in which we have gathered the things we need, a good bed, a desk, a whole pile of books. The windows giving on to the old weeping willow and holly hedge, the beautiful lawn, the terrace.."

The first step in any longer journey is always a footstep - the brave or curious act of putting one foot in front of the other and stepping out of the house onto the sidewalk below... the beginning of some stort of footage thus, and one might as well start voodling... As it again happened to me this past year... a time consuming and enjoyable occupation as always...yet still without any fixed goal... The work seems slowly to mutate into something much larger... an arcane visual arcade of sorts, a steadfast, insisting, unassuming visual laboratory, in the midst of the growing deluge of moving images...

Yes, I might as well continue the happy endeavour, in Camus' spirit: "The struggle enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy." The Arcade Project took thirteen years, so that would leave eight more years ahead...

This past year, I had the privilege of retaining a dedicated audience of fellow video artists and vlogger. Thank you to all for your kind comments and encouragement. It does indeed help the work, as well as the inspiration of watching yours. I have particularly enjoyed the exquisite & rare luxury of new video postings from Daniel Liss, Robert Croma, Steven Ball , Jimi Bogdanov, and Philip Sanderson, Rolf Gerslauer just to name a few; A special thanks to Michael Szpakowski from DVblog for his continuous dedicated, inspiring and generous sharing compilation(s) Since last November Philip sublimely re-and fine-tuned many Lumieres for the exquisite Lumiere et Son project, concluding the work in precisely one year. I am still amazed at the fine subtleties infused, in what at first seems just audio-overlays: what happens is some rather profound new soundings, resonating. Regarding soundtracks: also this year I had the opportunity of lending new soundtracks from Gurdonark and Negativesoundinstitute, and many more... And, last not least: I still ove so much to Brittany Shoot and Andreas Haugstrup's fine Lumiere project Manifesto. It keeps me enabled to re-view and capture so many sights that might otherwise have been lost, or never even seen.

To all of you and the many more Patalab friends I might not have mentioned -I do miss you ,though)- a heartfull thank you and the best wishes for a happy, prosperous and fruitful new year ! Click here or on the links above. (patafilm # 806b",happy new 11" , 02'17'',42Mb, Quicktime/mov - other versions at Bliptv) Kind regards, Sam Renseiw.

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