Sunday, August 22, 2010

On phenomenology of time in voodles

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" The phenomenological idealist believes that the scientific realm no less than the manifest realm (the "life-world") is projected by or essentially dependent upon man. The realm of scientific entities is nothing real in itself but is a mere "theoretical construct" that is fashioned from the materials in the manifest realm, such that the latter realm is the foundation of the former. Accordingly, scientific time is not only as human-dependent and human-relative as manifest time, but is an abstract construct fashioned from the latter time. Given this, the phrase, "time as it really is" is more suitably applied to the original phenomenologically manifest time than to the derivative time of the sciences. It follows that time as it really is[voodle] A-dimensional, inasmuch as manifest time is A-dimensional, and the [voodle] B-theory accordingly is false or at least restricted to an abstract scientific image of real time."

Somehow still maintaining the validity of parts of the [voodle] B-theory, Sam Renseiw postulates that what we are measuring, when we measure the duration of an event or interval of time, is in the voodle. From this he derives the radical conclusion that past and future exist only in a voodle. View the long-take demonstration the subject's subtleties by clicking here or on the links above. patafilm # 781, 03'28'', 50MB, Quicktime/mov - other versions at Bliptv)

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