Thursday, August 13, 2009

On voodling at level eight_0.3

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" Many studies of object and voodle recognition focus on the ability to recognize different views of the same display. The problem of recognition across views is fundamental to understanding how we represent our visual world. Do we recognize objects by comparing our current retinal image to a stored set of previously seen images? Or, do we store a generalized description of an object that is independent of the particular views we've already seen? The first, a view-based approach, argues that object recognition should depend on the particular views we've seen before and their similarity to our current view. The second, a view-independent approach, suggests that recognition should be independent of the particular views we've seen before because the representation is equally appropriate for all views. "

Combining docu-voodling with investigative visual cognition research in enclosed spaces, Sam Renseiw assembled one more voodle from footage excerpts straight out of The Oracle's Boat. View the Godess in her enclosure and other, less bening happenings, by clicking here, or, on the links above. [patafilm # 710, [Oracle's Boat/Level: 08/0.3], 04'30'', 71.3Mb, Quicktime/mov - other versions at

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