Friday, August 21, 2009

On street credible fiction-clone voodling

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" The subject matter of the present voodle is theatrical performance cloning, the (re)production of a human peformance by means of somatic festival transfer or similar cultural events. Just as fertilization, if successful, generates an urban performance, cloning produces the same result by combining what is normally combined and activated in fertilization, that is, the full performative code plus the theatrical cytoplasm. "

The tide, originating from Argentina, recently left traces in Dublin, Norwich and Montreal. Sam Renseiw encountered the fine poetic substance ,cloned on location, in Copenhagen. View the discreete recording of the crowded set-up in lively Blaagaardsgade by clicking here or on the links above. (patafilm # 717, 44,6MB, 03'58'', Quicktime/mov - other versions at

Today's Bonus Lumiere Video features an excerpt of La Marea, obliquely recorded, yet straight on. [lum # 220, 00'56'', "la marea, copenhagen" 13.2MB, Quicktime/mov)

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