Wednesday, April 08, 2009

On travelling and camera phenomenology

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" The general absence of characters in [Patalab's] Voodles reflects but one part of the ongoing research into a visual morphology of body and space. On one hand, the main concerns centre around efforts to depict more realistic points of views in the recording of movements through space(s); On the other, there are the continuous attempts to establish feeble visual languages devoid of the "talking-heads-in-frames" as conforming to TV and Hollywood standard scenario of story telling. The actual meaning in voodling remains in the factual flow of images, conveying a possible haptic massage with the overlay and inclusion of non-diegetic soundtracks. Basically, Voodles remain a poetics of spontaneously crafted visual antidotes, camouflaged as meaningless placebo video"

Conscious of the apparent futility of the whole voodling endeavour in the midst of the flooding of moving imagery in the web, Sam Renseiw stubbornly maintains a level of consistent ongoing research with the regularity of the postings. After almost five years of activity, the endeavour nevertheless takes its toll in the midst of the present crisis. View yet another walking attempt to capture the quotidian by clicking here or on the links above. (patafilm # 677, 03'56'', 32MB, Quickltime/mov - other versions and feeds at )

Today's Bonus Lumiere Video actually features moving characters in a fixed frame, thus enabling some sort of reading of bodies in space (Lum # 192 " the art elevator" 01'00'' 7MB, Quicktime/mov)

Spring and season greetings! Thank you for watching. Best, Sam.

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