Saturday, October 04, 2008

On the poetics of departure

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"And there are some who scorn this poetry of departures/And say “Escape by staying where you are;/A man is what he thinks he is and can/Find happiness within.” How nice to be born a man./The tourist in space and time, emotion or sensation,/Meets many guides but none have the proper orientation./We are not changing ground to escape from facts/But rather to find them. This complex world exacts/Hard work of simplifying; to get its focus/You have to stand outside the crowd and causus."

Still imbued with new knowledge and acquaintances, Sam Renseiw pursued to depart on a long and windy road. View the sensuous promenade back into urbanity by clicking here or on the links above. (patafilm # 632,04'13'', 23 MB, Quicktime/mov - other versions at

Today's Bonus Lumiere Video features a short reflective scene, prior to a walk. (Lum # 154, "sensuous departure", 01'00'', 4.5Mb, Quicktime/mov)

Today's Patalab Metaphor Video re-play supplement features another sort of landscape, with space gun. (patafilm #227, [11.08.2006 post]01'45'', 7.8 MB, Quicktime/mov)

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Anonymous b said...

Ooohh, risky! Blurring the lines between your self and alter ego :)

Saturday, October 04, 2008 5:13:00 pm  
Blogger gurdonark said...

I believe there is great virtue in leaving the construct of the anonymous internet traveler behind, and making one's tours with the hotel registry book stating other than "john doe".

Congratulations on your presentation!

Serendipity is such fun-- I used a piece by Paul Avgerinos today to make a remix, only to find a piece by the same artist tonight in your film.

I am not sure there is one way to re=imagine on-line video--indeed, I am comfortable that many roads lead to Rome, or, in this case, Bergen.

The trail by the waters--where the camera lingers, and bounces, and continues to film.

p.s. I think you mentioned watching for a postcard--I don't think I ever saw it arrive.

Isn't there a richness in the very phrase "poetics of departure?"

Sunday, October 05, 2008 4:45:00 am  

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