Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On fathoming other channels of gaze

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"It has always happened that certain things - a lane, a bench, a comforter tree, -present themselves to Sam Renseiw as if asking him for minute and prolonged attention: he starts observing them almost unawares, and his gaze begins to run over all the details and is then unable to detach itself. Renseiw has decided that from now on he will redouble his attention. . . .He tries staring at everything that comes within eyeshot; he feels no pleasure, and he stops. A second phase follows, in which he is convinced that only some things are to be looked at, others not, and he must go and seek the right ones. To do this, he has to face each time problems of selection . . . he soon realises he is spoiling everything, as always when he involves his own ego. . . . But how can you look at something and set your own ego aside? Whose eyes are doing the looking? As a rule, you think of the ego as one who is peering out of your own eyes as if leaning on a window sill, looking at the world. . . . So, then: a window looks out on the world. The world is out there; and in here, what do we have? The world still - what else could there be? With a little effort of concentration, Sam Renseiw manages to shift the world from in front of him and set it on the sill, looking out. Now, beyond the window, what do we have? The world is also there, and for the occasion has been split into a looking world and a world looked at. And what about him, also known as ''I,'' namely Sam Renseiw? Is he not a piece of the world that is looking at another piece of the world? "

Today's post marks the appearance of the 600th voodle posted here on Patalab, with a paraphrased quote from Mr. Palomar. Another of Sam Renseiw's humble, low-grained and crude attempts to frame a morsel of reality, an inconspicuous capture of a fleeting moment of quotidian. The enjoyable research work will continue, further questioning the potential nature(s) of vision through a conscious application of the gaze. While the on-going, comforting low-tech procedures will be maintained for a while, expect some sharper digital experiments in the next months. In the mean time, click here to view the soothing, stabilised voodle. (patafilm # 600, 02'06'', 11.2Mb, Quicktime/mov - other versions at Blip.tv)
Thank you to all faithful viewers until date , contributing with insightful comments on the site and for their own, inspiring works.

Today's Bonus Lumiere Video features a collective, moving view of an attractive photo-opportunity passing by, fixed behind the recording gaze. (Lum # 116, "the tourist barge" 00'48'', 3.8Mb, Quicktime/mov)

Today's Cross-Post Video features a fine voodle from a newly started, affiliated Norwegian voodle vlog. A very hearty welcome to Lomeg-rom from Oslo!

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