Tuesday, August 07, 2007

On the simultaneity of Cargo Sofia

click for video: Quicktime version / Flash version

" Cargo Sofia is an alternative “road-movie” and you are the passenger... Videos, ordinary stories, the streets passing by all depict a particular view of the world and city in a global perspective. You will experience an unknown Copenhagen."

Voodling might also be about showing the shown being shown while making a clear description, without loosing the mystery and including the poetic awe of an intense and candid outlook, muses Sam Renseiw, while assembling a montage of yesterday's footage from an alternative road-trip. Get the feel of being human freight on the move by clicking here or on the links above. (patafilm # 469, 03'20'', 18MB, Quicktime/mov - Flash version at blip.tv)

Today's Bonus Lumiere video features The Baron in the Threes, with a glimpse of Viola passing by. (Lum # 27 the baron in the trees, 01'00'', 5.3MB, Quicktime/mov) And remember: Lumiere video rocks too !

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