Friday, July 27, 2007

On differance, vaults and landscape

click for video:
(#460) Quicktime version / Flash version
Quicktime version / Flash version

"The pataphysical videos are primarily intended to convey a poetic image or a complex pattern of poetic images; they are above all a poetical form. Voodled poetry is above all concerned to convey its central idea, or atmosphere, or mode of being; it is essentially static. A trifle, framed commedia dell' arte..."

Reshuffling recent recorded footage into seemingly absurd voodles, Sam Renseiw presents a tripthyc for today's post, featuring a vaulted interior, an enigmatic landscape and a borderline state. View the simultaneous frames one after the other, or vice-versa by clicking here, there, or on the links above. (patafilm # 460, 01'55'', 7.8MB and patafilm # 462, 01'04'', 4MB, both Quicktime/mov - streaming Flash versions available at

Today's Bonus Lumiere video features the borderline state, complete with clouds, horizon and passing cyclists. (Lum # 20 clouds horizon cyclicts, 00'53'', 3.7MB, Quicktime/mov) Many more, fine Lumiere videos at the Lumiere site.

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