Thursday, June 14, 2007

Riveting bifurcated repetitions

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" I'm astounded whenever I finish something. Astounded and distressed. My perfectionistic instinct should inhibit me from finishing; it should inhibit me from even beginning. But I get distracted and start filming something. What I achieve is not the product of an act of will but of my will's surrender. I begin because I don't have the strength to think; I finish because I don't have the strength to quit. These videos are my cowardice. " (text 152)

"I never kept sheep," exults Sam Renseiw, "but it's as if I'd done so. My soul is like a shepherd. It knows wind and sun, walking hand in hand with the seasons, observing, and following along..." Riveted by the mesmerising, mechanic moves of three women fingering card-boards, Sam, the coward, surrenders his gaze to yet another capture of repetitive footage. View the bifurcation's by clicking here or on the links above. (patafilm # 436, 03'58'', 18.3MB, Quicktime/mov - Streaming Flash version for PC at

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