Sunday, January 21, 2007

On stereophonic sound and starlight stills

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" When psychologists talk of recollection as of a fold in a material, as of an impress graven deeper by repetition, they forget that the immense majority of our memories bear upon events and details of our life of which the essence is to have a date, and consequently to be incapable of being repeated. The memories which we acquire voluntarily by repetition are rare and exceptional ".

Remembering that Bergson's speculations on the matter - almost a century old- still are monumental, Sam Renseiw proceeded to capture some short relevant footage from 100 years of film stills, complete with stereophonic sound. View the montage by mousing-in the attic above or click here to hear-see all about it. (patafilm # 339, 00'47'', 4.7 MB, Quicktime/ Mov - Flash version for PC at