Monday, January 22, 2007

On the extensity of quasi virtual spaces

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"...Homogeneous space and homogeneous time are then neither properties of things nor essential conditions of our faculty of knowing them : they express in an abstract form, the double work of solidification and of division which we effect on the moving continuity of the real in order to obtain there a fulcrum for our action, in order to fix within it starting-points for our operation, in short, to introduce into it real changes...."

While, - in an old fashion romantic way- probing the virtualities of existing architectural spaces and the bodily moves within it, Sam Renseiw framed a short web-cam like moving sequence, complete with Hammond organ sound: A seemingly banal, yet speculative memento on the reversibility of interior and exterior. Click here to enter or mouse-in on the green stripe above. (patafilm # 340, 01'05'', 5.4 MB, Quicktime/Mov - Flash version for PC at