Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Braque and the symbolic bird

"Mysteries have to be respected if they are to retain their power," said Braque. All his still‑life possessions project the special creation of untranslatable order, harmony and insight that convey more than they say. These graphic symbols allowed the venerable videographer to externalize his psychic processes and meditate on his world of art and artifacts. The birds are forms which allowed him to begin to relate to the necessity of dying; they epitomize the ultimate mystery of human expression."

His was the comfort of complete achievement. For Sam Renseiw, a remix was the artistic fusion, based on material from Nanorama's passions. The first CC.remix Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 licenced remix, with best regards to Jennifer P. View the remix here or enter the corn filed above. ('patafilm #107, 01'21'', 14,5 MB, mov/quicktime)/relinked 02.10.15

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De Kooning's picture plane

 "Space is a pre-condition of all that exists, its appearance is emptiness, and therefore can contain everything; or as de Kooning explained, space contains "billions and billions of hunks of matter...floating around in darkness according to a great design of nothingness." De Kooning's picture plane, to which any shape or image could be attached, is not dissimilar to the relativistic unified field theory that tries to integrate into one comprehensive idea the many clashing bits of data and complex uncertainty of randomness that is modern vieoblogging."

View Sam Rensiew's Red Garden data chaos -with a J.L. Godard comment- by clicking here or enter the crimson forest above./ relinked 02.10.15

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Monday, February 27, 2006

The angle on the feet of the players

"The open top Tornado table, with Blue and Red players, is firmly established in the US and is also popular with many UK and European pro's. The video was designed as a high-quality cross between styles, and its design greatly facilitates controling and passing the ball, enabling skills to be developed with extremely high levels of precision and consistency. The angle on the feet of the players facilitates pinning the ball without it becomming de rigeur. The style play of is best described as controlled, and pin shots have become very common in short vlogs entries."

Sam Renseiw's first sport documentary, with quite a background of onomatopoetic surround sound. View it here or join the game above. ('patafilm #105, 00'34'', 1.7 MB, mov/ quicktime ) relinked 02.10.15

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Meme remix [Egg-punch]

Track 14, The Egg is the second remix on the album. This one is by Dr A.Jacobsen, he of the piano playing adventures on the album. Track four is also a remix of The Future House, attended in this instance by his friend, Mies. Odd that there are two remixes of a song which are featured nowhere else on the album. It’s rather like meeting someone you’ve never met in your life and asking if they prefer your hair the way you’re wearing it today.

Renseiw suddenly into some visual remix of design-icons creator's meme. View it here or click on the heliport above ('patafilm #104, no subtitles, 01'12'', 9.4 MB, mov/quicktime)/ update relink 02.10.15

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Unmeasured sounds [ The Sagnac Effect ]

"Having accepted that the observable effects predicted by special relativity for a Sagnac device are correct and entail no logical inconsistency, the dedicated opponents of special relativity sometimes resort to claims that there is nevertheless an inconsistency in the relativistic interpretation of what's really happening locally around the device in certain extreme circumstances."

While Sam Renseiw acknowledges the need of positioning methodology, the relativity of the subject made it into 'patafilm #103.( with obvious questions about unmeasured sound ). View it here or click on the mirror above ( 02'22'' , 11 MB. mov/quicktime ) / relinked 02.10.15

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Friday, February 24, 2006

The persistence of an image on the retina

"...We turned our thoughts to cinematography, and it seemed to us that this medium, slightly modified, would give excellent results, since its light potency was the strongest one could desire. The other problem concerning the need to have hundreds of colors at our disposition was also resolved, since, by exploiting the phenomenon of the persistence of an image on the retina, we would indeed have been able to make many colors merge, in our eye, into a single hue..."

Amazing what can be done with B/W footage in early last century, Sam Renseiw muses, pataquoting Bruno Corra; Thereupon, attempting a bout of colorfull abstract cinema with some Marinetti boom-boom. View it here or click on the areoplane above. (patafilm #102, 00'41'', 3.6 MB mov/quicktime) / relinked 02.10.15

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Repo dada_data

"Created by artistic outsiders, the techniques of Fluxus and Dada are now the stock in trade of advertisers and music video producers, and so some contemporary Dada-inspired video artists see their work simply as the beginnings of a television or movie career. One always hopes for a true Dada revival, but what if the Dada spirit in art really is dead, and not just dead again? What if Dada has finally become indistinguishable from the popular culture which it had a part in creating? When Dada cannot be imagined by means of its documents or by the physical stuff it leaves behind--Hugo Ball forbid-- it becomes mere data, interesting only for the technical beauties of its presentation."
Sam Renseiw dada dates some visual stuff, just out of class-room - pure repo manner - in depleted rationale. Flicker in here or eye-ball it above. (00'45'', 11 MB, mov/quicktime) / relinked 02.10.15

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Renseiw's # 100 video posted on 'patalab

"Upon completing his or her training probation period lasting approximately six months, the student videoblogger, or "probie" participated in a "capping" ceremony, where he/she received their first cap. The ceremony promoted videoblogging loyalty and pride and inspired students to persevere through the rigours of training ahead. Part of the ritual was a vow to behave ethically and honour the amateur status. An indication of the solemnity of the capping ceremony can be gleaned from a recently archived video"

Sam Renseiw made the capping, ouf cource; Watch the table set-up just before festivities started, celebrating the #100 'pataphysical video published on spacetwo : patalab ! - or click on the fork above. ( 00'42'', 3.9 MB, m4p/quicktime ) / relinked & updated 02.10.15

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vexillology affairs

"PHIL 0.258. Philosophy of Law. What is law? What is the relationship of law to morality? What is the nature of judicial reasoning? Particular legal issues include the nature and status of liberty rights (the right to privacy including contraception, abortion, and homosexuality, and the right to die), the legitimacy of restrictions on speech and expression (flag burning and racist hate speech), and the nature of equality rights (race and gender). Readings include traditional, contemporary, and feminist legal theory, case studies, and court decisions. Open to first-year students. Enrollment limited to 30. Normally offered every year."

Sam Renseiw's short videoreview, focusing on current Vexillology affairs, with a fine sequence on the dilemma between free speech and moral refrain. View it here, or click on the composite above to see Daisy dance out the disturbance. ( 01'00'', 3,3MB, mov/quicktime )/ relink uodate 02.10.15

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

To focus precisely on the vision of icons

"Even if we want to retain the notion of aesthetic value, to the extent that a narrow aestheticism precludes our understanding of the anthropological and phenomenological dimensions of film icons, we must question this emphasis on the aesthetic object. I want to focus precisely on the vision of Voodles, on the asymmetrical exchange of glances that characterizes icon worship. I have elsewhere examined the various techniques of animation of the Voodle icon..."
Enter into one of Sam Renseiw's depictions of a singular space in the many rooms in Andre Malraux's famous "musée imaginaire" here, or click on the aesthetic icon above, longing to be explored.. (01'26'', 5.5 MB mov/quicktime ) / updated and relinked 02.10.15

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Gracefully choreographed but stilted

…the most important innovation, of what is called neorealism, it seems to me, is to have realized that the necessity of the 'story' was only an unconscious way of disguising human defeat, and that the kind of imagination it involved was simply a technique of superimposing dead formulas over living social fact..."

A Zavattini pataquote on neorealism; Sam Renseiw's Anatomical studies affords the voyeuristic spectator gracefully choreographed, stilted stills. Enjoy it here or click on the mise en scene above. (00'47'' 2.9 MB mov/quicktime) / link update 02.10.15

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The enlightenment of an artificial sun

"BEIJING, Jan. 23, 2006. It was learned from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) that it will have completed the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) which aims to explore infinite and clean energy resources of nuclear fusion by this March or April. By then, Hefei will become the first institute in the world to have built an all-superconducting non-circular section nuclear fusion experiment facility, which is generally known as an artificial sun."

Dr. Sam Renseiw from Patalab's Visual Deuterium Control Unit (VDCU) provides you hereby with a instructive video about a recent, low-tech artificial sun experiment. View it here or click on the sunshine above (shades required) ( 01'06'' , 3.8 MB, mov/quicktime) / links update 02.10.15

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Perpetual bliss

As an empty verbalism, "perpetual bliss" does sound fairly tedious. As Bernard Shaw once remarked, "Heaven, as conventionally conceived, is a place so inane, so dull, so useless, so miserable, that nobody has ever ventured to describe a whole day in heaven, though plenty of people have described a day at the seaside".

Sam Renseiw describes a short walk through the local Frederiksberg Park. Join the profane tour here or click on the icon above.( 01'03'' 4 MB mov/quicktime) / link update 02.10.15

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Friday, February 17, 2006

While the eye is shut, the visible breath is in

"Just imagine that while the visible breath is touching a star, the eye is shut. This is bound to happen, frequently, and the breath will then be left outside....The breath is very swift, and it is established that it is sent by the mind, and through the mind. It is clear that the eye can be closed only by the mind, by which all voluntary motion is communicated to the body; let the consequence then of this also be clear, that that which sends also receives; and when it wills, shuts the door in such a way as to involve no injury to itself; and so that nothing of its own may remain outside, especially too when the thing itself is of such speed that it immediately receives it back again...."

Armed with a borrowed Sword of Syllogism, Sam Renseiw paraphrases Abelard of Bath while capturing a lecture by Arne Bro. on the topology of filmic space. View it here or click on the board above ( 01' 15'', 5,5 MB, mov/quicktime ) / link update 02.10.15

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Oh Moon, why are you so contemporary

"..During our sojourn in the Belgian countryside we rehearsed and watched the fog. At night we all went to the well and sang and blew saxophones and trombones until unearthly columns of reverberated sound were generated. Suddenly, the Dutch guy's prized Ziljian cymbal fell, careening down off the walls to the endless bottom - beyond the Earth's center. We froze, the Music evaporated ; afterwards we listened back to the recording and howled and tried to imagine how that amazing cymbal would ever come to life again from inside the well.."
John Cage once said: 'Oh moon, why are you so contemporary ..." Sam Renseiw obliges with a short pataphysical video exerpt. View it here or click on the harpist above ( 00'50'', 1,7 MB mov/quicktime ) / link update 02.10.15

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The concept of kinetic synaesthesia

"All of a sudden it hit me. If there was such a thing as composing music, there could be such a thing as composing motion." Russian avant-garde painter and composer Mikhail Matyushin conducted experiments at his Visiology Center (Zorved) to demonstrate that expanding visual sensitivity from retinian optical centers would enable the discovery of "new organic substance and rhythm in the apprehension of space."

Sam Renseiw conducts his own experiments at Patalab02, expanding visual sensitivity from the previous retinal inlay... view it here or take the staircasse above to enter. ( 00'39' 1.5 MB, mov/quicktime) / link update 02.10.15

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Besides its Scandinavian features

"The Swede Eric Moller came to Shanghai in 1919 empty-handed. But he was fortunate to win large sums at the races, and he spent the money on dozens of horses. Within a few years he was a board member at the Jockey Club. Later he set up his own real estate firm and bought a steamboat that sailed between Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, and Shanghai. His daughter is said to have had a dream in which she saw a castle like those in the Hans Andersen fairy tales. On awakening, she drew a sketch. The house was completed in 1936. Besides its Scandinavian features, there were some Chinese touches. The enclosing walls had Chinese glazed tiles at the top. It is said that the Moller brothers led a dissolute lifestyle of wine and women."

Sam Renseiw dabbled with some patathic architectural pictorials from early last century. Get visually stimulated in tongues here or sink in above (00'34'', 1,6 MB mov/quicktime ) link updated 02.10.15

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Untitled testimonials III

The only problems were during sequencing, when we had to do something on the Mac that would take some time. Two minutes into it, M. would ask us: "What are you guys doing that's taking so long!" - and this was just after the first few minutes. We'd tell her to go downstairs and make some popcorn or phone calls so that we could put the film together and she'd do that for about five minutes before screaming: "Come on, guys, I'm getting bored!" I had to keep things moving as fast as possible because it's one of my jobs to keep M. from losing interest in what she's doing. As far as the video went, it was getting a little melancholic by that point. Maybe I inspired videos like In This Life and Bad Girl because they were shot in a minor key..
Part 3 of Zöe Tati's cult video now on view at Patalab ! Rejoyce ! Sam Renseiw's early RZP performances retold in bold, intense testimonials. View it here, or click on the tongue above ( 03'40'' , 9,8 MB, mp4/quicktime )/ link update 02.10.15

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The identical nature of Being and Thought

"To follow nature" as Montaigne emphasizes after the Stoics: "I have taken, quite simply and crudely in my opinion, this ancient precept: that we can scarcely fail to follow nature, and that the sovereign precept is to accommodate oneself to it. I have not, as did Socrates, corrected by the force of reason my natural impressions, neither have I troubled my inclination with art. I let myself go forward just as I have come along in the past; I fight against nothing..."

Sam Renseiw takes you back to the year 425 B.C.: Plato was born when Parmenides the Eleate proclaimed identical the nature of Being and Thought, essence and intellection, the object of thought and the act of thinking, a charged notion with serious implications for the future of videoblogging.. View the abbreviated implications here or enter on the astonishing scope above ( 00'.46'' 2.2 MB mov/mp4 quicktime) / link updated

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

On Memory and Reminiscence

"...We have, in the next place, to treat of Memory and Remembering, considering its nature, its cause, and the part of the soul to which this experience, as well as that of Recollecting, belongs. For the persons who possess a retentive memory are not identical with those who excel in power of recollection; indeed, as a rule, slow people have a good memory, whereas those who are quick-witted and clever are better at recollecting...We must first form a true conception of these objects of memory, a point on which mistakes are often made..."

Sam Renseiw's short filmic mnemonic exercise aims at preserving some traces of
the frequent contemplation(s) of something. View it here or click on the shadow above. (00'.59'' 2,3 MB, mov/quicktime) / link update 01.10.15

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The poetry of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

"...She wore a red Scotch plaid suit with a kilt hanging just below the knees, a bolero jacket with sleeves to the elbows and arms covered with a quantity of ten-cent-store bracelets - silver, gilt, bronze, green and yellow. She wore high white spats with a band of decorative furniture braid around the top. Hanging from her bust were two tea-balls from which the nickel had worn away. On her head was a black velvet tam o'shanter with a feather and several spoons - long ice-cream-soda spoons. She had enormous earrings of tarnished silver and on her hands were many rings, on the little finger high peasant buttons filled with shot. Her hair was the color of a bay horse.."

Sam Renseiw's pataforic video excerpt, a somehow fad tribute, an illustration full of cliché, compared to Elsa's real, vivid life and work. View it here or click on the horned gals in the icon above. ( 00'34'', 1.6 MB, mp4 quicktime ) / link update 01.01.15

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The ontology of the architectural work

Corresponding to this three-fold distinction between physical object, work of art, and aesthetic object, Ingarden posits a three-fold distinction among properties. While the mere physical object possesses only value-neutral physical properties, the work of art may possess both ‘axiologically neutral’ properties such as having a certain sentence structure or bearing patches of color arranged in certain ways, and artistic value qualities founded on these, such as clarity or obscurity of expression, technical mastery in the way the materials are worked, balance of composition.....

Sam Renseiw inserts a short, highly illuminated video, as a purely intentional object, created and founded both in a real building (Jørn Utzon's Church in Bagsvaerd ) and in the viewer's operations of apprehending it.
The building as a work of art cannot be identified with the video displayed in this vlog, for the two have different properties and different modes of cognitive accessibility. The video can only be seen, and indeed only seen from certain points of view; the building , by contrast, can be seen, smelled, heard, or even tasted, and can be observed from any point of view. Click here or on the floral patttern above to view ( 00'.31'' , 1.4 MB, mp4/quicktime )

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Laura is a security guard at a large, unnamed facility, and she has some time on her hands. She writes about palindromes, time travel, and her dog Helen. She offers pithy observations on the various people she sees every day, like "The Sexy Lady" and "The Inspector." She records herself walking on tile floors, drinking glasses of water, and reciting the alphabet in a breathy voice. With plenty of pictures and a controllable webcam, she seems to be exploring ideas of surveillance and identity. But just who is Laura? In her first entry, she says that she's waiting for something to happen in her life. Does it?

Sam Renseiw might know some of the answer(s) - or even if her world is real - but you would be strangely drawn to view his short video on the subject here, before slipping into Laura's eyes... (00'50'', 2.2 MB mov/quicktime)/ update 01.10.15 NA video

Untitled testimonials II

"Waiting in line, Mr Palomar contemplates the jars. He tries to find a place in his memories for cassoulet, a rich stew of meats and beans, in which goose-fat is an essential ingredient; but neither his palate's memory nor his cultural memory is of any help to him. And yet the name, the sight, the idea attract him, awaken an immediate fantasy not so much of appetite as of eros: from a mountain of goose-fat a female figure surfaces, smears white over her rosy skin, and he already imagines himself making his way towards her through those thick avalanches, embracing her, sinking with her."

View the second part of Zoe Tati's intriging "Untitled Testimonials" about the infamous stillness performance here or click on the image above. ( 03'46'', mp4. 10,1MB quicktime or choose the 13,7 MB mov.version ) / link update 01.10.15

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Harry Smith seemed to get everwhere

"...Harry Smith not only seemed to get everywhere, he also gave the impression that he could do anything. He weaved in and out of various cultural milieux, many of them notorious, and turned his mind to countless different creative and cultural endeavours. In a time when computers had not yet nudged their way into everyday life, Smith was making a decent attempt to turn his brain into a multimedia hub, a receptacle capable of sucking in and spewing out various bits of data, juggling them around in new, enlightening ways..."

Sam Renseiw's interest in synæsthesia as non-rational, containing the capacity to transcend mundane existence stretches back to the Harry who used synæsthetic metaphors in order to construct an objective world that was more in tune with human subjectivity. Watch Harry Smith dance in a very rare footage here, or click on the cross-sensory perceptive abstraction above. (00'45'', 2.7MB, mov/quicktime ) / link update 10.10.15

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Yvonne Rainer's Transition

"....For example, a series of events containing answers to when, where, why, whom, gives way to a series of images, or maybe a single image, which, in its obsessive repetitiveness or prolonged duration or rhythmic predictability or even stillness, becomes disengaged from story and enters this other realm, call it catalogue, demonstration, lyricism, poetry or pure research. The work now floats free of ultimate climax, pot of gold, pay-off, future truth, existing solely in the present..".

As manifestoes have been replaced by electronic mailing lists, you don't hear much about the avant-garde anymore. Sam Renseiw retorts with a short circumstantial choreographic film bout of the last surge of the dance avant-garde. View it here or click on one of the blurry characters obove. ( 00'.48'', 0.9 MB, mov/quicktime ) / updated 01.10.15

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Vigilantly maintained with detachment

"...In a metaphysically impoverished climate, merely to say that people ought to think of logical possibilities will not help them to tap noetic energy. We might enlist a concept like vision from film critique. The advantage of the term 'vision' is that everyone can understand the use of the eyes, and knows at some level what is involved in seeing even though most have not really thought much about it. Even without being an film maker, a person knows that one critical element in seeing is perspective. A more crucial element is the capacity to be able to handle different perspectives over a period of time. Still better, though more difficult, is the ability to handle various perspectives simultaneously...."

In a state of inward receptivity and temporary disablement, Sam Renseiw unfolds some visual noetic consciousness. Watch the video here or click on the maiden above ( 01'55'' , 7.4 MB, mov/quicktime ) / update 01.10.15

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On Déja-Vu restoration and noise removal


Déja-Vu restoration is based on the linear and shift-invariant property of degradation. The resulting image is usually obtained from a known mechanism such as eye motion which is linear and shift-invariant plus the noise which is uncorrelated with the blurring process. The resoration is to implement the inverse of the degradation operator. Although it can be done using matrix inversion in spatial domain, the restoration is much more efficient with simple point by point algebraic operation in frequency domain. With the existence of noise, based on different criterion, different poetic approaches are midrange estimated....

In this short sequense, Sam Renseiw implements the Gaussian filter for spatial coherence and neighborhood pixel value homogeneity. OoolalaH! Enter and watch Sasha perform here or click on the blurr above. (01'45'', 4,4 MB, mov/quicktime ) //update 01.10.15

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