Monday, June 05, 2006

First difficulties about complimentary steps

"My wish would be simply to present it to thee plain and unadorned, without any embellishment of manipulations or uncountable muster of customary blur, colour corrections, and filters, such as are commonly put all over captured footage. For I can tell thee, though composing it cost me some labour, I found none greater than the making of this video thou will now be viewing..."

In profound silence Sam Renseiw listened to what his friend said, and his
observations made such an impression on him that, without attempting to question them, he admitted their soundness, and out of them he determined to make this video; wherein, gentle viewer, thou wilt perceive his friend's good sense, his good fortune in finding such an adviser in such a time of need, and thou hast gained in receiving, alas, with some additions and alterations, a short view of the bravest Scandinavian Samba. (patafilm #189, 00'59''. 4 MB, quicktime/mov -Flash version here)


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