Sunday, June 04, 2006

Almost La Sirène des Tropiques

" We celebrate her as a tribute to our civilisation ", wrote Poul Henningsen in 1928 in a remarquable review of Josephine Baker's first appearance in Copenhagen. Thus PH clashed frontally with the outraged Danish public opinion, scandalised by the dancer's famous nude banana-skirt act. Much later, reality was seen with different focus, and in the start of the 1950's, PH wrote a poetic lyrical tribute (music by Kai Normann Andersen) to the now respected and much appreciated world famous artist.

As yesterday marked Josephine Baker's 100th anniversary, Sam Renseiw caught a local dancer on stage at the 25th Copenhagen Carnival. A much, much more restrained performance, in cold weather. View it here or jump on the stage above ( patafilm "188, 00'42'', 3.1 MB, quicktime/mov - Flash version here) - If still on a PC, get quicktime here.


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