Friday, May 26, 2006

On the tangible of surface and space(s)

"You can make street art with grafedia, or just leave behind simple calling cards for others wherever you go. You can have running dialogues between authors, or create interactive narratives or poetry in public spaces. Grafedia is a boundless,interactive publishing platform, base, cheap, and easy to use. It is an open system - the places and ways to use it are limitless. With grafedia, every surface becomes potentially a web page, and the entire physical world can be joined with the Internet.."

Considering the flexibility of spatial surfaces and the boundless potentials of tangible virtualities, Sam Renseiw mashed-up a pair of footprints (55°40'54.70''N 12°36'14.50''E) with some further concrete. The footprints can be found all over Europe. View this entry by clicking here, or see if the pair above fits you.(patafilm #180, 01'22'', 6.1 MB, mov/quicktime- )

As today's bonus, another arrival of a train at a station, expanding the Lumiere Bros. first cinematic piece considerably.Take a view of the trains here.