Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On space and background concrete music

A special area in concrete music consist of acoustic works by visual artists who oppose the industrial productions superiority alone by their handmade, modest and provincial works that deliberately resist the Hi FI criteria by their “cheap” sound. The conviction is, that any development of consequence only can result through a creative way of thinking and working.Maybe it all started with Piet Mondrians love of jazz; Composers of concrete music, on the other hand, seemed to build cathedrals of synaesthetic spaces, that only many years later would re-appear in the public realm. Danish EMP is one such marvellous example.

Folded as a coloured tripthic , Sam Renseiw latest pata-video lurks around simple choreographic schemata, with sampled remixes- of EMP pieces. Experience the green by clicking here, or chill-out directly above. (Patafilm #177b, 00'58'', 4.3 MB, mov/quicktime)