Saturday, May 06, 2006

On the poetic substance of vlogging

"... There is nothing Pythian in such poetry. Nor is it purely aesthetic. It is neither the art of the embalmer, nor that of the decorator. It does not breed cultured pearls, nor does it deal in semblances and emblems, and it would not be satisfied by any feast of music. Poetry allies itself with beauty - a supreme union - but never uses it as its ultimate goal or sole nourishment. Refusing to divorce art from life, love from perception, it is action, it is passion, it is power, and always the innovation which extend borders..."

A Saint-John Perse pataquote, followed by a short Sam Renseiw strip-teaser, in velvety darkness. View it unfold by clicking here, or enter the cave above. (patafilm 143, 01'16'', 4.8 MB, mov/quicktime, Flash version here)