Thursday, May 25, 2006

On the nature of marking the synthetic

A new advertising display method involves marking grass sports fields by bending the grass blades in definite zones and bending or leaving them straight in other zones in order to form an image or a word. The difference in the direction given to the grass blades is quite visible to the spectator(s). The grass blades are directed by means of an apparatus mounted on rollers which runs on the grass surface. The apparatus also has brushes and/or additional rollers which rotate to straighten the grass blades on definite sectors. The sectors form an image or the letters of a words.

While reflecting on the straightforward nature of markings, Sam Renseiw captured the intensity of a larger soccer field in the process of delineation. Though the intensity is clearly palpable, other images cogitate into interference. View the display by clicking here or enter the play-field above. (patafilm #179, 01'19'', 6 MB, mov/quicktime - Flash version at