Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On longing for the return of vision

"Both Emily Dickinson and Bob Dylan suffered a similar breaking out of the cage of conditioned consciousness to stand for a moment outside of the text, outside of the cause and effect relationships of time, to be “awakened” from the walking sleep of normal consciousness to experience the light of what Dickinson called “Eternity". But both lost that vision, the moment passed, leaving them back in the literal world ravished but abandoned, damaged goods unable to return, yet unable to forget their glimpse of the promised land. Left alone with an unbearable longing for the return of that vision, they both were forced to put back on and wear the human masks with which we all lie our way through the world".

In the middle of the 1800s, Dickinson’s train bound for glory was, like Edward Taylor's, a horse-drawn carriage, and the moment of her revelation was “the Day/ I first surmised the Horse's Heads/ Were toward Eternity-." A horse is a horse is a horse, even on video, pertains Sam Renseiw, recording the the following scene, to be viewed here, or by patting the animal above (patafim #185, 00'48'', 3.6 MB, mov/quicktime - Flash version here)