Friday, April 28, 2006

On the sacred and the mundane

The conveyor belt is regulated by a custom-built computer which moves the coins along, dropping one coin into the box every minute. The device runs for an hour, depositing a total of sixty coins. A form of utilitarian clock, the piece elongates time, provides a minute of reflection between each action. The 2p coins which drop into the box are the same size as the absences in the templates. Although the coins drop randomly onto the sheets, there is an implication that they could fill the absences, replacing one form of currency with another.

A view from the conveyor belt at Chek Lap Kok: Pure poetry captured by Sam Renseiw, on the way to Heathrow, slightly disturbed by some bypassers. Extemporate by clicking here, or enter the slick seating arrangement above. ( patafilm 150, 01'02'', 4.7 MB, mov/quicktime - best viewed on Firefox. and: if on PC, get quicktime)