Thursday, April 06, 2006

Little more than a puppet show

Existential doubts of all sorts, including the fear that we may be little more than a puppet show for some good-humored deity, are softened by the witty image of time as a maitre d', with an implicit carpe diem message--make the best possible meal, for the bill will invariably be too expensive. Ashbery's description of the setting is extremely apt here. De Chirico's "drama of objects" needs a stage, and Ashbery's typically untypical scenario is very much like a stage-set, an "open field of narrative possibilities...

The discovery of automatic filming compensated for the lack of consistency in this short film bleu essay by Sam Rensiew. View it by clicking here or enter via the corner on the blue facade above. (patafilm #131, 00'50'' 3.4 MB, mov/quicktime)