Monday, April 10, 2006

K.F Schinkel's and J.P Lenné's complementarity

There is not a maison de plaisance in the world more delightful than Charlottenhof in the Park of Sanssouci at Potsdam (1826), nor an Italianate villa more ingratiating than the nearby Court Garderner's House ("Hofgärtnerei,"1829).The remarkable relationship of these houses to the surrounding landscape is something more genuinely architectural than with most picturesque villas, where the conception is literally pictorial-to provide something to look at rather than utilize.

From the inner of Charlotttenhof's villa, the ability to step out from any of the main rooms directly into the P.J.Lenné's english garden, is here featured in a short video by Sam Renseiw. View the slow unfolding here or click on the curtain above - the park is behind the curtain. (patafilm 135, 01'50'', 7.6MB, mov/quicktime)