Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The babbling grandeur of Isidoro Funes

"Conceiving abstract structures and patterns is something essential to mathematical thinking, but most writers would find it not suitable to literature. It is curious to realize that one of Raymond Queneau's most popular books arose from such an idea. Exercices de style is a collection of 99 short-short pieces which recount, in different styles, the same banal incident: in the bus, the narrator bumps into a man with a long neck, and later sees him on a train station in the company of a friend who fixes a button on his coat."

With Queneau's Les fleurs bleues (1963) in mind, Sam Renseiw deploys a pairs of characters in the present video, who are virtual Döppelgangers to each other, yet subtly hidden in the conveyor belt's steady advance... View the drama unfold here or click on the image above ( patafilm 128, 00'57'', 3.6 MB mov/quicktime) / relinked 02.10.15

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