Sunday, February 12, 2006

The poetry of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

"...She wore a red Scotch plaid suit with a kilt hanging just below the knees, a bolero jacket with sleeves to the elbows and arms covered with a quantity of ten-cent-store bracelets - silver, gilt, bronze, green and yellow. She wore high white spats with a band of decorative furniture braid around the top. Hanging from her bust were two tea-balls from which the nickel had worn away. On her head was a black velvet tam o'shanter with a feather and several spoons - long ice-cream-soda spoons. She had enormous earrings of tarnished silver and on her hands were many rings, on the little finger high peasant buttons filled with shot. Her hair was the color of a bay horse.."

Sam Renseiw's pataforic video excerpt, a somehow fad tribute, an illustration full of cliché, compared to Elsa's real, vivid life and work. View it here or click on the horned gals in the icon above. ( 00'34'', 1.6 MB, mp4 quicktime ) / link update 01.01.15

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