Sunday, February 12, 2006

The ontology of the architectural work

Corresponding to this three-fold distinction between physical object, work of art, and aesthetic object, Ingarden posits a three-fold distinction among properties. While the mere physical object possesses only value-neutral physical properties, the work of art may possess both ‘axiologically neutral’ properties such as having a certain sentence structure or bearing patches of color arranged in certain ways, and artistic value qualities founded on these, such as clarity or obscurity of expression, technical mastery in the way the materials are worked, balance of composition.....

Sam Renseiw inserts a short, highly illuminated video, as a purely intentional object, created and founded both in a real building (Jørn Utzon's Church in Bagsvaerd ) and in the viewer's operations of apprehending it.
The building as a work of art cannot be identified with the video displayed in this vlog, for the two have different properties and different modes of cognitive accessibility. The video can only be seen, and indeed only seen from certain points of view; the building , by contrast, can be seen, smelled, heard, or even tasted, and can be observed from any point of view. Click here or on the floral patttern above to view ( 00'.31'' , 1.4 MB, mp4/quicktime )

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Blogger greenhorn said...

another of those white-styles i like...
a pity you post only in 320x240. i would have liked better quality of this and some others.

don´t be so humble, your movies deserve better!

Friday, February 17, 2006 11:58:00 pm  

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