Sunday, February 12, 2006

On Memory and Reminiscence

"...We have, in the next place, to treat of Memory and Remembering, considering its nature, its cause, and the part of the soul to which this experience, as well as that of Recollecting, belongs. For the persons who possess a retentive memory are not identical with those who excel in power of recollection; indeed, as a rule, slow people have a good memory, whereas those who are quick-witted and clever are better at recollecting...We must first form a true conception of these objects of memory, a point on which mistakes are often made..."

Sam Renseiw's short filmic mnemonic exercise aims at preserving some traces of
the frequent contemplation(s) of something. View it here or click on the shadow above. (00'.59'' 2,3 MB, mov/quicktime) / link update 01.10.15

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