Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The identical nature of Being and Thought

"To follow nature" as Montaigne emphasizes after the Stoics: "I have taken, quite simply and crudely in my opinion, this ancient precept: that we can scarcely fail to follow nature, and that the sovereign precept is to accommodate oneself to it. I have not, as did Socrates, corrected by the force of reason my natural impressions, neither have I troubled my inclination with art. I let myself go forward just as I have come along in the past; I fight against nothing..."

Sam Renseiw takes you back to the year 425 B.C.: Plato was born when Parmenides the Eleate proclaimed identical the nature of Being and Thought, essence and intellection, the object of thought and the act of thinking, a charged notion with serious implications for the future of videoblogging.. View the abbreviated implications here or enter on the astonishing scope above ( 00'.46'' 2.2 MB mov/mp4 quicktime) / link updated

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