Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Laura is a security guard at a large, unnamed facility, and she has some time on her hands. She writes about palindromes, time travel, and her dog Helen. She offers pithy observations on the various people she sees every day, like "The Sexy Lady" and "The Inspector." She records herself walking on tile floors, drinking glasses of water, and reciting the alphabet in a breathy voice. With plenty of pictures and a controllable webcam, she seems to be exploring ideas of surveillance and identity. But just who is Laura? In her first entry, she says that she's waiting for something to happen in her life. Does it?

Sam Renseiw might know some of the answer(s) - or even if her world is real - but you would be strangely drawn to view his short video on the subject here, before slipping into Laura's eyes... (00'50'', 2.2 MB mov/quicktime)/ update 01.10.15 NA video


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