Thursday, February 16, 2006

Besides its Scandinavian features

"The Swede Eric Moller came to Shanghai in 1919 empty-handed. But he was fortunate to win large sums at the races, and he spent the money on dozens of horses. Within a few years he was a board member at the Jockey Club. Later he set up his own real estate firm and bought a steamboat that sailed between Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, and Shanghai. His daughter is said to have had a dream in which she saw a castle like those in the Hans Andersen fairy tales. On awakening, she drew a sketch. The house was completed in 1936. Besides its Scandinavian features, there were some Chinese touches. The enclosing walls had Chinese glazed tiles at the top. It is said that the Moller brothers led a dissolute lifestyle of wine and women."

Sam Renseiw dabbled with some patathic architectural pictorials from early last century. Get visually stimulated in tongues here or sink in above (00'34'', 1,6 MB mov/quicktime ) link updated 02.10.15

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