Sunday, January 01, 2006

A state of profane meditation

“…It may sound farfetched to speak of watching a movie as a meditative discipline...but parallels do exist. There is a familiar type of meditation called one-pointedness, which focuses the meditator's attention through the repetition of a single sound or mental image. Yet another meditation practice encourages the sitter to let thoughts fall freely and disorientedly, without anchoring them to any one point…”

A short and intriguing, slow rotating synaesthetic gaze by Sam Renseiw, exploring aspects of the Bergsonian concept of time, possibly undergoing a new interpretation, an intensification and a onomatopoetic deflection… click here to view (1,1 MB, mov/quicktime)

(Note: Sam Renseiw’s video # 67, since the launch of spacetwo:patalab in august 2005)

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