Thursday, November 03, 2005

It is precisely this model

" It is precisely this model, it has been argued, that Renseiw’s video invokes and then frustrates. The characters are simply present. Vladimir and Estragon may not know precisely what happened yesterday, but they know that their present existence is confirmed, if only by the presence of each other; similarly, Hamm and Clov are adrift in the present moment, relying on the dialogue to fix them in place. Krapp’s past is, it seems to him, the tale of another man; Winnie’s past drains away from her as she sinks into the earth; but both confirm themselves in the present timespace of performance each time they utter or move. All these characters exist in a dramatic timespace that is indistinguishable from the timespace of performance. They cannot rely on a past history to confirm their own existence, their own subjectivity; but they can define themselves, even if it is only from moment to moment, in the actions and the words that they perform day after day and night after night."

Patatexting sign language, by Sam R. With some reminiscences of Photostatic and a great deal from Sam B. Click on the image or enter the performance here.

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