Thursday, October 27, 2005

To give form its own norm, again

“….These images are direct theory in the processes of the material working through the symptoms of spraypaint, the production of living signs, neither representational, metaphorical or symbolic. In their stress and distress they materialise a relationship between the restless abstracted flow of sound and image trace and more psychic disturbances. They concretise the possibility of a direct connection between lived experience, memory, the physical processes of making and the experience of viewing. There is an inscription of conditions that are conflicting and abstracted. Viewing can become a restless, nervy experience producing cognitive conditions that share the symptoms of some of theses coatings…” (1)

Sam R’s multi-layered quotes. Including Öyvind Fahlström and a humble homage to Dirk de Bruyn.Enter the spray chamber or click here for some color layers.

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Anonymous Andrew said...

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