Saturday, September 24, 2005

Telemetry and trapping

Bicyclists, because of their size and life cycle, are among the most vulnerable species regarding the presence of obstacles on motorways. During a study of the efficiency of two types of bicycles passes, the behaviour of migrating Copenhagen bicycles was investigated using telemetry and trapping at a small electric power mast (north-east of the centre of Copenhagen). Radio tracking was conducted manually and by stationary receivers in a bicycle lane area and downstream and upstream from the city centre. Sixteen bicyclists were tagged by surgical implantation of transmitters and released up road of the bicycle lane. Results provide insight on bicyclist behaviour during the morning rush hour
(rates and delayed migration) as well as behaviour in front of both exits to the examined lane.

A Renseiw pata-research, visualized in colour. Enter here or chase the cyclist on the road.

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