Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Manolo B. hates traveling

The first exercise for the viewer, is to figure out what the meta-levels of the concept of Being are and to see if you can think each one in turn, and whether you can think the fifth and higher meta-levels of Being...It turns out that by applying the idea of higher logical type theory derived from the work of Russell and Whitehead in Principia Mathematica which was pointed at disarming paradoxes of all types, and even absurdities, that it is possible to disengage the question of the kinds of Being from Continental Philosophy which is anathema to Analytical Philosophers from Britain and America. Once we have disengaged the problem from Continental Philosophy we can attempt to answer these questions ourselves and see… So that is a challenge left as an exercise to the viewer.

A pure Sam R. pataphysical. go and see the principle here or click the stiletto in the frame/ updated links

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