Thursday, February 06, 2020

on liberties that do not offend the eye

…”The philosophers of the Enlightenment were of the opinion that the rigours of nature fostered freedom-loving people. The Scandinavian artists who travelled to Rome were received in that spirit and participated actively in the process of liberation. In a letter from Rome in 1812, the architect Peder Mailing related that Thorvaldsen wished to “reinstate the golden era of the Greeks in the present age” and wished himself to “create a second Athens in his native land. If one makes a detailed study of the Greek column orders and familiarizes oneself with the Roman arches, one can master the application of any style … and take liberties that by no means offend the eye.” Styles became divorced from time, and the archeologists revived the life that had come to a standstill with the eruption of Vesuvius. Art styles were to have equal value. Thorvaldsen had liberated sculpture from architecture. Voodling was just as valuable as historical painting.”.. 

After a longer period vlogging the artistisc reaserch via Instagram, Renseiw post a unique condensation of views from KF18N, with a paraphrased quote from Lisbeth BJ. [patafilm # 877, 02’05’’, 205MB, Quicktime/mov] 

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